Search Log Details Page | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

The Search Log Details page is a log-level view of an individual search, search metadata, and the results that were returned (and why). The various sections are broken out below.

search log details page

Search Metadata

At the top of the Search Log Details page, the search metadata shows the following attributes:

Attribute Description
Search Term Search term string searched by user
Search ID ID of search
Session ID ID of session
Date Time (in UTC) Time search was ran
Language Language / locale of search
Location Bias Location of user
Search Type Type of Search (Universal or Vertical)
Configuration Version Configuration number and label if applicable (Production or Staging)

Search-Level Search Factors

Search Factors can be found to the right of the Search Metadata and outline search-level search factors, those that were applied to the whole search.

search factors box from search log details page

We show the following attributes in Search Factors:

Attribute Description
Location Detection The method we use to detect a user’s location. If a location was detected with the search and location is a searchable field (there’s an NLP filter on builtin.location), location searches will be triggered.
Tokens Each word from the query that is not marked as a stop word. Tokens are used to match on searchable fields.
Synonyms Synonyms are applied across the search as an additional token to search for.
Query Rules Any Query Rules that were applied in the query, including the criteria triggered and which action was taken.
Phrases Multi-token phrases, or custom phrases , are treated as a single unit for text or filter matching.
Query Parameters Any parameters passed to the API, such as context, referrerPageUrl, and facetFilter.

Vertical-Level Search Factors

Vertical score is indicated in the top-right corner of each vertical in the results and indicates the vertical’s relevance to the query.

vertical score tooltip

We show the following attributes in the Vertical Score tooltip:

Attribute Description
Best Semantic Similarity The semantic similarity of the top result for that vertical, which is used as the organic score for the vertical.
Top Result Field The field name (or vertical intent ) contributing to the best semantic similarity.
Top Result Value The field value (or intent value) contributing to the best semantic similarity.
Vertical Bias The vertical bias applied, if there is one.
Vertical Score The sum of the Best Semantic Similarity and Vertical Bias (or just the former, if there is not a vertical bias), which is then used to determine the order verticals are ranked in.

Entity-Level Search Factors

The results section of the Search Log will tell you why each entity was returned, its similarity to the query, the entity sorting order within the vertical, and more.

entity level search factors

We show the following attributes in the entity-level search factors:

Attribute Description
NLP Filters For each NLP Filter applied, we show the value with the field name and value in a tooltip in a bar under the vertical name.
Sort Order We show the sort order configured for that vertical, including the sort type, field if applicable, and sorting direction for each rule applied. Any custom sort orders will appear here.
Query Rules Any Query Rules that were applied to specific entities. For each rule, we show both the rule criteria and the action.
Semantic Similarity If Semantic Text Search is enabled, we show the semantic similarity of the result.
Text Search Matches If Text Search or Document Search is enabled, any token matches with the query will show the name and value of the field that contains the field match. Document Search matches will show here under the field name s_snippet.
Phrase Matches If Phrase Match is enabled, any exact phrase matches with the query will show the name and value of the field.
Featured Snippet If Document Search is enabled and a Featured Snippet is shown as a Direct Answer, it will appear as its own top-level ‘vertical’ object.