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The <AlternativeVerticals /> component will render when no results are found for the current vertical but results are found for that same search in another vertical.

The component visually indicates to users to switch to other vertical tabs to see the results they may be looking for.

Here’s what that might look like in an experience today:

Basic Example

<AlternateVerticals /> requires 2 props:

  • currentVerticalLabel → The label of the current vertical.
  • verticalConfigMap → Maps verticals by their keys to a label. This helps the user know which other verticals they can search through for their current query.

Here is an example below:

import {
} from "@yext/search-ui-react";

const App = (): JSX.Element => {
  return (
    <div className="flex justify-center px-4 py-6">
      <div className="w-full max-w-5xl">
        <SearchBar />
            locations: { label: "Locations" },
            help_articles: { label: "Help Articles" },
        <VerticalResults CardComponent={StandardCard} />

export default App;


Like the rest of our components, you can customize the elements of the Standard Facets using the customCssClasses prop.

Component API

Prop Description Default Type
customCssClasses? (Optional) CSS classes for customizing the component styling. AlternativeVerticalsCssClasses
currentVerticalLabel The label for the current vertical. string
verticalConfigMap A map of verticalKeys to the display label for that vertical. VerticalLabelMap
displayAllOnNoResults? (Optional) Whether or not all results should be displayed when there are none returned from the search. true boolean