Built-in Card Types | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

We have a number of built-in card types than can be easily added to Search. The cards included in the theme have a naming convention of: [commonEntityTypeName]-[description]. View the built-in Theme cards by navigating to themes > answers-hitchhiker-theme > cards > [[card name]] in the Pages Code Editor.

We also have “multi-language” versions of each built-in card type prefixed with “multilang-”. These are already preconfigured for translations. If you are just building a single language English experience, we recommend that you use the standard cards. If you are building a multi-language experience, you should definitely take advantage of the multi-language cards for translations. You can learn more about how to build multi-language experiences in the  Multi-Language Search module .

Below we’ll provide a screenshot of each card type so you can visualize what they look like out of the box. The multi-language version of the card will look similar to the standard card with capability for translations. These visuals are meant to help you determine which built-in card is best for you to use with each vertical, either as-is or as a starting point to customize.



Standard Card Layout

FAQ Accordion


FAQ Accordion Card Layout

FAQ Accordion Wrapped

Wrapped FAQ Accordion Card Layout

FAQ Accordion Expanded

Expanded FAQ Accordion Card Layout

Document Standard


You must be on Theme v1.21 or above to use the document-standard card. You must be on Theme v1.28 or above to use the multilang-document-standard card.

Document Standard Card Layout


Link Standard Card Layout

Location Standard


Location Standard Card Layout

Professional Location


Professional Location Card Layout

Financial Professional Location


Financial Professional Location Card Layout

Professional Standard


Professional Standard Card Layout

Job Standard


Job Standard Card Layout

Event Standard


Event Standard Card Layout


Menu Item Standard Card Layout

Product Prominent Image


Product Prominent Image Card Layout

Product Prominent Image Clickable


Product Prominent Clickable Card Layout

Product Standard


Product Standard Card Layout

Product Prominent Video


You must be on Theme v1.22 or above to use the product-prominentvideo card.

Product Prominent Video Card Layout