Experience Training Table | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

Experience Training is a way of overriding a prediction served by the Search algorithm in the platform. We currently support experience training for featured snippets, NLP filters, and spell checking.

Learn more in the Experience Training unit and Search Backend Troubleshooting: Experience Training Overrides help article.

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Advanced Search Tier Features
Featured snippets and NLP filtering, except for builtin.location, are only available on the Advanced Search tier. Check out the Search Tiers reference doc to learn more about the features that are available in each tier.

experience training screen

We store the following information in the Experience Training table:

Attribute Description
Override Type Controls which types of Experience Training overrides you’re viewing. Choose from Featured Snippets, NLP Filters or Spell Checking.
Show Completed Toggle back and forth between viewing the override ‘queue’ or completed overrides. Defaults to showing the queue.
Search Term The search term associated with the override.
Filters (NLP Filter) This contains the vertical the NLP Filter override is applicable to as well as the filter name and value. This can be accepted, rejected, or modified.
Answer (Featured Snippets) This contains the suggested answer predicted by the system. This can be accepted, rejected, or modified. If the suggested snippet contains rich text formatting, it currently can’t be edited in the modal. Product is working on a way to address this.
Searches (Featured Snippets) The number of searches for that search term in the last 30 days.
Last Searched The last time the query was searched.
Correction (Spell Checking) This contains the current spelling (indicated by strikethrough) and the proposed spelling. For instance, colir → color. This can be accepted or rejected.