Vertical Search Results Page

A Vertical Search Results Page displays results for a single vertical. You can read more about each individual component referenced here in the Components section.

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All the components you add here should be on a new, separate HTML page from the Universal Search Results Page.
Component Description
SearchBar Where the user enters their Search
Navigation Navigate between Universal and Vertical Search using tabs
SpellCheck Show UI to correct user’s spelling
Facets Show a list of facets to help the user filter
Pagination Show pagination controls the help the user navigate to subsequent pages
VerticalResults Show the results for the vertical
LocationBias Show where the search was run from

Example Code

Putting these components together the page looks like this:

  <div class="answers-layout">
    <div class="searchbar-layout">
      <div class="searchbar-container"></div>
      <div class="navigation-container"></div>
    <div class="filters-and-results-layout">
      <div class="facets-container"></div>
      <div class="results-layout">
        <div class="spellcheck-container"></div>
        <div class="vertical-container"></div>
        <div class="locationbias-container"></div>

      apiKey: "3517add824e992916861b76e456724d9",
      experienceKey: "answers-js-docs",
      businessId: "3215760",
      experienceVersion: "PRODUCTION",
      verticalKey: "locations",
      search: {
        verticalKey: "locations",
          "locations that take mastercard and offer free wifi",
        limit: 20
      verticalPages: [
          label: "All",
          url: "/index.html",
          isFirst: true
          verticalKey: "locations",
          label: "Locations",
          url: "/locations.html",
          isActive: true
          verticalKey: "jobs",
          label: "Jobs",
          url: "/jobs.html"
          verticalKey: "faqs",
          label: "FAQs",
          url: "/faqs.html"
      onReady: function () {
        // init components
        this.addComponent("SearchBar", {
          container: ".searchbar-container",
          allowEmptySearch: true,
          verticalKey: "locations"
        this.addComponent("Navigation", {
          container: ".navigation-container"
        this.addComponent("SpellCheck", {
          container: ".spellcheck-container"
        this.addComponent("Facets", {
          container: ".facets-container",
          verticalKey: "locations",
          searchOnChange: true
        this.addComponent("VerticalResults", {
          container: ".vertical-container",
          verticalKey: "locations",
          card: {
            cardType: "Standard",
            dataMappings: {
              title: (item) => item.name,
              subtitle: (item) => item.address.line1,
              details: (item) => item.description,
              image: (item) =>
                item.photoGallery ? item.photoGallery[0].image.url : null,
              url: "#"

            callsToAction: [
                label: "Get Directions",
                icon: "directions",
                url: "#",
                analyticsEventType: "GET_DIRECTIONS",
                target: "_self"
                label: "Call",
                icon: "phone",
                url: (item) => `tel:${item.mainPhone}`,
                analyticsEventType: "TAP_TO_CALL"
          noResults: {
            displayAllResults: true
          appliedFilters: {
            show: true,
            removable: true
        this.addComponent("LocationBias", {
          container: ".locationbias-container"

UX Recommendations

Vertical Result pages can come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some recommendations to consider when designing a Vertical Search Results page.

Show all results on load

Generally, you want to display ALL results for a vertical as soon as the page loads. To to this:

  • Set allowEmptySearch: true on the SearchBar component
  • Set defaultInitialSearch: "" on the search config

Display ALL Results on No Results

You never want your user to hit a dead end. To help solve this, you can easily display ALL results if the user would see no results. To do this set displayAllResults in the noResults configuration option in the VerticalSearch component.

For example:

noResults: {
	displayAllResults: true,

To learn more about no results check out the Vertical No Results Guide.


Here is a fully working example: