Data Formatting

Rich Text Formatting

The Yext knowledge graph comes with Rich text fields; these are fields that allow for bolding, italics, hyperlinks, and more! The Answers Search UI includes a formatRichText function translates CommonMark to HTML, therefore allowing for rich text to be displayed on a card.


ANSWERS.formatRichText(rtfFieldValue, eventOptionsFieldName = null, targetConfig = '')
  • rtfFieldValue is the field reference, for example item.c_myRichTextField)
  • eventOptionsFieldName. When clicking any link in the resulting HTML, an AnalyticsEvent will be fired. If the eventOptionsFieldName has been specified, the eventOptions will include a fieldName attribute with the given value.
  • targetConfig dictates where the link is opened: the current window, a new tab, etc. It can have either be a string or an object
    • targetConfig = '_blank' - all RTF types will recieve a _blank target
    • targetConfig = { url: '_blank', phone: '_self', email: '_parent' } - each type of RTF receives a different target

Note that when using this function, you must ensure that the relevant template correctly unescapes the output HTML.


In this example, rich text formatting is used on the details field for the FAQ.

ANSWERS.addComponent('VerticalResults', {
  /* ...other vertical results config... */
    card: {
        cardType: 'Accordion',
        dataMappings: {
            title: (item) => item.name,
            link: (item) => item.landingPageUrl,
            details: (item) => ANSWERS.formatRichText(item.answer, 'answer', '_self'),               
            url: (item) => item.landingPageUrl,
            target: "_self"

Text Highlighting

You can optionally display highlighted fields in your card data mappings. A field becomes highlighted when it’s has either either a text search match or a document search match. The _highlighted object, will return the field highlighted with strong tags. You can accesss it in a custom item template.

this.addComponent("VerticalResults", {
    container: ".vertical-container",
    verticalKey: "locations",
    itemTemplate: `<div>
        {{#if result._highlighted.description}}
            {{{ result._highlighted.description }}}

This will display the text highlighting for the description field only when it returns, otherwise it will display the raw value.