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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • How to identify common errors
  • How to resolve common errors


As you’re making updates to your own custom cards, you might run into issues. See below for some common ones, and feel free to use the feedback to add any of your own that you’ve been able to troubleshoot!

Your Jambo Build Failed

You likely have some syntax errors in your JavaScript. Check the console of your code editor to debug.

You could have a missing comma - Missing Comma

You could also have a missing or non-matching brackets or parentheses. It’s important to make sure that all objects ({}), arrays ([]), and functions (()) are closed. Missing Brackets

Remember, the console and code editor errors are your friend! Make sure to check that there are no red flags in your editor before updating your preview or commiting code.

Section on Card is Blank

Bad Card Name

Check your data mappings and see if there are any helpful console errors in your preview link! This usually indicates a poorly mapped section on your card. Common reasons this might occur:

  • You’re incorrectly mapping to a field - ex. forgetting to include the profile. before a field, or omitting the c_ for a custom field.
  • You’re incorrectly referencing a Formatter name
  • You need to null-check a field that might have an empty value
  • You’re incorrectly referencing a card

Make sure that you are using the correct name to refer to either the built-in cards or new cards you’ve created. Look at the console errors of your preview link, they might be helpful and let you know what card you may have intended to reference! Incorrect Name Example

Whole Experience is Blank

Yikes! The console is your friend here. There may be an issue with an Search JavaScript component or your locale_config.json / global_config.json that is blocking your experience from rendering.

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    True or False: If you misspell the name of a card, Jambo will spellcheck it for you.

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